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Web development services


Here is a list of some of our projects spanning various categories. We offer a comprehensive suite of services customized to meet your specific business requirements. Whether you aim to enhance your social media presence, employ diverse marketing strategies, update or create a new website, or improve your visibility on Google, our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to effectively address your business needs and propel it towards success.

Mofid Trade Holding
Website and E-commerce

An informative website is designed to provide visitors with comprehensive and relevant information about a particular subject, in this case, Mofid Trade and its brands. For Mofid Trade's website, the focus would be on presenting details about the company, its history, mission, vision, and the diverse range of brands it represents.  The website is available in three languages: English, Russian, and Uzbek..

mofid Trade.png

Online ordering and table reservation

This website include a variety of features to provide users with a convenient and efficient platform for ordering food. Here are some common features you might find: 

  1. User Registration and Profiles:​

  2. Search and Browse:​

  3. Menu Display:​

  4. Customization:​

  5. Reviews and Ratings:​

  6. Order Tracking:​

  7. Secure Payment Options:​

  8. Promotions and Discounts:​

  9. User Notifications:​

  10. Location Services:​

  11. Account Management:​

  12. Responsive Design:​

  13. Social Media Integration:​

  14. Customer Support:​

  15. Order History:​

  16. Rating and Feedback System:​

Mainstreet cafe oc.png

Web platform and mobile app for fitness trainers

The Thrufitness mobile application serves as a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool specifically designed for fitness trainers, offering seamless client management from A to Z. Packed with a diverse array of features, this app facilitates scheduling appointments, making calls, processing payments, sending reminders, and creating customized workout plans. It provides an all-encompassing solution for fitness professionals to efficiently organize and enhance their interactions with clients.

Thrufitness app.png


An informative website for manufacturing serves as a crucial tool to showcase a company's capabilities, products, and industry expertise. Here are key elements and features that are commonly found in informative manufacturing websites:

  1. About Us Section:​

  2. Products and Services:

  3. Capabilities and Expertise:​

  4. Case Studies and Projects:​

  5. Quality Assurance and Certifications:​

  6. Technology and Innovation:​

  7. Facility Tour or Virtual Tour:​

  8. News and Updates:​

  9. Contact Information:​

  10. Request for Quote (RFQ) Form:​

  11. Downloadable Resources:​

  12. Responsive Design:​

  13. Social Media Integration:​

  14. Client Portal or Login Area:​

  15. Employee Profiles​

Creating an informative manufacturing website involves a balance of technical details, engaging content, and a user-friendly design to effectively communicate the company's strengths and capabilities to potential clients and partners.

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